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Multi Cable Transit- KJO
June 17, 2020

IDEALINK through its Saudi Arabian channel partner has delivered Roxtec made Multi Cable Transit for KJO project. This order includes BG solution, a modular-based cable transit device for bonding and grounding of armored and shielded cables. The system consists of frames and Roxtec BG B / BG sealing modules that, in addition to the environmental sealing functions, provide an integrated earth path for armored and shielded cables in a similar way that bonding or earthing glands do. Each cable passing through the system can be individually connected to earth when the inner metallic layer, such as an armor, shield or screen, is exposed.

IDEALINK has been associated with Roxtec for several years and executed hundreds of projects through true partnership.

Recent News and Events

Prime Minister Sheikh Khalifa bin Salman al Khalifa
November 11, 2020

Bahrain’s Prime Minister Sheikh Khalifa bin Salman al Khalifa has died at the age of...

August 05, 2020

Over the past several years, IDEALINK has been constantly investing on its technological advancement, which became the piller of our...

ER rated Instrumentation cable- SADARA
July 27, 2020

Its a proud moment for IDEALINK and its partner in Saudi Arabia in completing the delivery of ER rated Instrumentation...

Instrumentation cable- Kemya
June 30, 2020

IDEALINK has delivered an important order to a Saudi Arabian based OEM for their Kemya- SABIC project. Requirments included SABIC...

Electrical Bulk-OEM
June 30, 2020

IDEALINK has been working very closely with OEM & DCS companies in ensuring their materail requirements. Many short length cables...

Power cable- Air liquid
June 28, 2020

IDEALINK has completed delivery of Flame Retardant Power cables for Japanese DCS complay for their Air liquid project. IDEALINK always...

Thermocouple Cable- ARAMCO
June 28, 2020

IDEALINK through its channel partner in Saudi Arabia has secured a new order to supply Thermo couple cables for Aramco...

SABIC- Instrumentation Cable Order
June 17, 2020

Secured an important Instrumentation cable order for SABIC- NEW SPENT CAUSTIC STRIPPER Project. A new association is in lime light.

June 16, 2020

Large Qty of Special cables delivered to SADARA EO project. We have managed to deliver this production & shipment at...

Technology Products to KSA client
January 19, 2020

IDEALINK has delivered part quantity as of Tech products as per client’s schedule.

SADARA MV & LV Cable Order
January 14, 2020

Another job for SADARA Project to supply Medium Voltage & Low Voltage Power Cable with special construction. Project will be...

On Time Delivery of METAL CLAD Cables in Dubai
January 07, 2020

Constantly following on-time-delivery and meeting the commitment with clients, IDEALINK has delivered multiple Metal Clad Instrumentation cable orders to Dubas...

Cables for SABIC projects
January 06, 2020

IDEALINK through its KSA channel partner secured an order to supply Instrumentation Cables to SABIC as per SABIC standard.

93% On Time Delivery
January 01, 2020

Keeping true to the company’s tagline, IDEALINK accomplished 93% of it’s on-time-delivery commitment in 2019. Current year target is set...

SADARA Instrumentation Cable Order
December 22, 2019

IDEALINK has secured a very important job from SADARA contractor to supply various sizes of TYPE ER Instrumentation Cable from...

Passive Technology Products Order
December 22, 2019

Being a solution partner, IDEALINK is always a front runner for technologically advanced products.

Petrorabigh Order to supply short length Cables
December 22, 2019

IDEALINK ensures that our clients get support even for a 5 meter length by securing an order with multiple line...

MV Cable Delivery to Cement Factory in Saudi Arabia
January 27, 2019

IDEALINK has delivered huge qty of Medium Voltage Cable to a reputed Cement Factory in KSA through its channel partner.